The Love of a Clown (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

The Love of a Clown

Clever combination of sentimental storytelling and traditional clown

A clever combination of sentimental storytelling and traditional clown performance makes this show, a very pleasant experience overall. The lovestruck star of the show is Jacques Raouso, an ageing clown who is reaching the end of his career on the road and who is reliving the most memorable and tragic moments from a life which has not always been easy or a particularly secure way of making a living. Moving to Paris in the 1940s, Jacques finds himself struggling to earn a living on the street, instead taking a permanent performing positing on an estate, a move which changes his life forever - as iit brings him to his future love Elena.

The beauty of the show comes not from the actual clown performances (which are met with lacklustre levels of laughter from the audience) but from the secondary actor who swoons in and out of the story in the form of puppets, animals and occasionally nothing more than a hat and cigar - bringing with him the most tender and elegant points of the evening.

The Love of a Clown. C Soco. 6:45pm.

The Love of a Clown

  • 3 stars

Paris, 1900. A journey experiencing the life and beauty of life, as recalled by a lonely clown. Observe the people he met, his rise to fame, his retirement, the love that he found in a beautiful young acrobat, the companionship he finds in a dog. Experience enchanting puppetry and traditional clown technique. Enjoy his…

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