Winner By Submission (2 stars)

This article is from 2010.

Winner By Submission

Self destructive ethos

This is a play based on the self destructive ethos which seems to be felt by many of the current generation of American youth. With little to no direction in life, including no signifying rituals as rite of passage to adulthood, many find solace in substance abuse and view possession of material goods as the route to adulthood. Main character Derek is the prime example of a lost generation; heavy drinking, broken home with no meaningful relationship to his parents and holding his laptop, flat screen TV and iPhone in high regard as indicators of his position in society.

The play takes a sinister turn when Derek convinces his friends that it would be a great idea to spike the drink of a local girl, taking advantage of her with no regard to the law or the girl's civil liberties - an act which perhaps reflects the attitude to life overall felt by these young people. However, while the intention is clear and the acting is of sufficient quality in this piece, there is no display of a genuine desire within that character to strive for a changed mindset in America’s youth. Derek makes no attempt to seek redemption for his actions, instead justifying them with the line 'life is a cage fight', highlighting the selfish attitude and self-righteousness felt by the potentially lost generation.

C at Chambers Street. 4.45pm.

Winner by Submission

  • 2 stars

Three boys, a date rape drug, a girl. Derek lives apart from his parents in the pool house, where his friends have free beer and a place to hang. Derek shows his buds a video he made of a girl after he had given her a date rape drug. Something dark and dangerous arises in the young men. They lure Shannon over. She…

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