Two Bloody Queens (1 star)

This article is from 2010

Two Bloody Queens

A noble, but shambolic attempt

It takes a brave man to sum up the lives of two dead monarchs – especially in drag, in a noisy pub basement, in an hour. Robert Inston’s portrayal of Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Queen of Scots is a noble, but shambolic attempt to show the real women behind their ‘diva’ reputations. An over-ambitious history lesson; sadly Regina fails to engage with her commoners.

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Two Bloody Queens - Free

  • 1 star

Elizabeth Tudor and Mary Stuart are reviewing their careers. Has history been excessively harsh on Mary, and exhonorated Elizabeth? What motivated them? Did 'God' guide them, or ambition and fear? Which one would a modern electorate favour? 'What makes 'Regina' so watchable is Inston himself. He captures her character and…