Tales From a Cabaret (3 stars)

This article is from 2010.

Tales From a Cabaret

A series of increasingly sinister jokes and songs

In the underground vault of Fingers Piano Bar two actors in white face, bowler hats and shabby suits first give us a history of cabaret culture. They go on to a series of increasingly sinister jokes and songs, reminding us that the history of repression, which gave rise to underground entertainment, is still with us. Some nice skills with stringed instruments is shown here, in a piece which improves from a slightly fusty start.

Fingers Piano Bar, 225 3026, until 28 Aug, 9pm, free.

Tales from a Cabaret

  • 3 stars

Ladies and gentlemen, we are the Creative Martyrs; ukulele plucking, kazoo humming, cello strumming, storytelling, singing and dancing vaudevillian cabaret duo. Let us manipulate, corrupt, exploit and violate; hold your hand as your debauchery surrenders to fascism...again. All presented for your pleasure in a dark…


1. bern25 Aug 2010, 9:09pm4 stars Tales From a Cabaret Report

The small, starkly lit, subterranean venue of Fingers Piano Bar lent itself perfectly to this intriguing, cleverly paced, slightly mysterious set from the enigmatic fellows calling themselves the Creative Martyrs.
A slow start commanded a puzzled silence from an inquisitive audience. But as the rather shoddily suited and grease painted Joel Grey/ Laurel n Hardy look-a-like duo launched from mime into surreal film-noir narration conjuring imaginations of circus/vaudeville acts from a black and white era, the evening gathered momentum.
Excellent, original songs accompanied by mildly sinister cello, kazoo and ukulele - plus clever interaction with a more and more appreciative audience created a truly entertaining evening. Absolutely loved it!

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