Italia ’n’ Caledonia (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Italia ’n’ Caledonia

Unpretentious tales of the family history behind Valvona and Crolla

Two amiable old boys (Mike Maran and Philip Contini) sing and gag their way through the history of the families that formed Edinburgh culinary institution Valvona and Crolla. Along the way we hear of their struggling starts as entrepreneurial emigrants, through a murky, tragic, encounter with Italian fascism, and on to postwar, Hibs-supporting prosperity. There’s a homey kind of atmosphere to this unpretentious piece, helped by live accordion music.

Valvona and Crolla, 556 7800, until 30 Aug (not 29), times vary, £12 (£10).

Italia 'n' Caledonia

Mike Maran Productions By Mike Maran and Philip Contini with music by David Vernon (accordion). The joyful, tearful and hugely successful heart-warming story about Alfonso Crolla, founder of Valvona & Crolla and the Italian community in Scotland. Meraviglioso! Age category: PG

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