Charlie Talbot (2 stars)

This article is from 2010

Charlie Talbot

Gag-free life of a decent man

Charlie Talbot insists that when he’s out doing his comedy on the circuit, his act is nothing but knob gag after toilet joke after rude quip. He promises something much different here, essentially the lie-free story of his life, a tale of semi-failure and stunted ambition, a road which has led him to deliver one of the most likeable but anaemic hours on the Fringe. Among his ‘achievements’ are winning a Blue Peter badge, getting jiggy with a girl called Charlie Talbot, having a bad poem published as a kid, being the bass player in a band called Finger, following Chelsea Clinton for a year at Oxford to write a Telegraph column, working in the City, and last year fronting Oompah Brass for a heavily-acclaimed show about the credit crunch.

To many that might sound like not a bad life, but on stage it turns out as one which fails to carry any comedic weight whatsoever. It’s always a good laugh to look at photos of people as their younger self with dodgy hair and dodgier dress sense but we could all sit at home and do that. Someone Better Known is a perfectly inoffensive way to spend a fiver at the Fringe, but a few more knob gags and a bit of truth-bending might have made it more memorable.

The GRV, 226 0000, until 29 Aug, 4pm, £5.

Charlie Talbot: Someone Better Known

  • 2 stars

How does it feel to be superfluous in your own life? Do you ever get the sense that someone else might make a better fist of being you, than you do? Stand-up Charlie Talbot achieved a sell-out smash hit as the writer and star of 'Blow Up! The Credit Crunch Musical' in 2009 ★★★★★ 'A work of genius' (Scotsman). Having been…