Russell Kane (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Russell Kane

Acutely observed and deeply personal insight

An acutely observed and deeply personal insight into the relationship issues when middle-class aspirations and sensibilities spring from working-class backgrounds, especially within the father/son dynamic. The continued use of a castle as metaphor for house and emotional prison gives Kane an anchor, allowing him to explore his themes without drifting too far off track in the superb show that Kane has been building up to.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 30 Aug, 9.10pm, £10.50–£12.50 (£9–£11).

Russell Kane: Smokescreens and Castles

  • 4 stars

In his new show, the triple Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee explores self, family and the consequences of his Dad buying his own council house. Sociological silliness and high energy contortions guaranteed. 'Bold, defiant... Shot through with vulnerability' (Sunday Times); 'Such a gifted, distinctive comic…

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