Delilah Dix and Her Bag of Tricks (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Delilah Dix and Her Bag of Tricks

Queen Latifah's lovemaking secrets revealed

Desperate, 'never-was starlet' Delilah Dix is a riot. And not just because of the white-trash celebrity anecdotes (which are hilarious) or the songs (gutsy and catchy yet teetering rather thrillingly on the edge of vocal disaster).

No, it's character – in Dix's case, fully realised yet without once seeming forced or over-produced – that drives the showstopper quality of Amy Albert's deliciously hysterical cabaret creation. Delilah isn't just off her head on mouthwash and cocaine - she's deranged and delusional. For one all-too-brief hour, we're happy to slide down the pan with her.

Fingers Piano Bar, 0131 225 3026, until 28 August (not 23), 4.20pm, free

Delilah Dix and Her Bag of Tricks

  • 4 stars

Amy Albert presents her latest creation, Delilah Dix, an aging never-was starlet searching for a gasp of stardom before her last gasp. Enjoy this free evening of comedy and song starring America's drunkest export. Absolutely filthier than 'Absolutely Fabulous'; 'Delilah Dix and Her Bag of Tricks' is the sensational…