It's Like He's Knocking (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

It's Like He's Knocking

The magic of coincidence revealed, with free vodka

'Who'd like some vodka?' asks a cheerful Leo Kay at the beginning of his Forest Fringe performance. A fitting intro, as it happens. Kay's bedsit-set show is all about sharing: booze (real, not pretend), memories, ambitions and hopes (the audience's as well as the actor's).

The upshot is a fascinating, spontaneous concoction of world music, dance and storytelling, with Kay guiding us in quietly forceful fashion through a globetrotting, explosive and often tragic patchwork of narratives about key moments in his life and the lives of his father and grandfather.

Tracing patterns in randomness is Kay's primary concern, and his restless, meandering account deftly illuminates the incredible coincidences and convergences linking apparently disparate events.

A slow-burning, uniquely intimate addition to the interactive theatre phenomenon sweeping this year's festivals.

Forest Fringe/The Living Room, 0131 220 4538, three-day run ended

It's Like He's Knocking

  • 4 stars

A stripped back performance incorporating storytelling, dance theatre and afro Brazilian percussion, set in the intimacy of a bedsit. A collage of moments taken from the lives of three generations of men. Drink a toast to loved ones, bet on some cards and close your eyes to remember your past. 'Part of the Forest Fringe'.