The List Festival Awards 2010

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  • 20 August 2010

This article is from 2010.

The List Festival Awards 2010

From 'Wettest Venue' to 'Most Transparently Cynical Marketing Ploy'

Hunkiest Ever Bunch of Crusties on a Junkyard
The cast of Be-Dom, Udderbelly.

Best Use of Glittering Matador Trousers in a STI-themed Performance Art Event
Bryony Kimmings in Sex Idiot, Zoo Roxy.

Best Impression of a Garden Gnome
The identical Nelson Twins, Gilded Balloon Teviot.

Most Middle-Class Reaction to On-Stage Defecation
The politely applauding Traverse audience in Martin Creed's Ballet Work 1020, Traverse.

Best Use of Foodstuffs as Shower Gel
Joint first place for the Wau Wau Sisters (for their naked red wine shower, Assembly Rooms) and Becki Gerrard in Lip Service (for her naked milk shower, C Soco).

Most Transparently Cynical Marketing Ploy
Lesbian Bathhouse, Assembly Rooms (narrowly beating casting Abi Titmuss in Up & Under, Assembly Rooms).

The Stomach-Churning Dedication to Comedy Even When it Might Mean Death Award
Jeremy Lion, Pleasance Dome.

Best Show in which a Horse-Headed Woman Dances Flamenco to Woo a Tiger, to a Trip-Hop Soundtrack
Regretrospective, Zoo Roxy. Only on the Fringe, eh?.

Wettest Venue
The Caves (very drippy after a rainstorm).

Most Disturbingly Realistic Insect Impersonation
Karin de la Penha in The Fly in the Fridge, Sweet Grassmarket.

The Bernard Manning Memorial Award for Tireless Service To Misogyny
Jim Jefferies, as usual. Take his mother-in-law. Do. Yawn. Underbelly.

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