Take 5: Festival shows getting you tipsy

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  • 20 August 2010

This article is from 2010

Take 5: Festival shows getting you tipsy

The Difference Between Gin And Bacardi

The Difference Between Gin And Bacardi
Presented in the boozy confines of the Hive nightclub, this drama tells the story of three friends approaching a crossroads in their lives as they cope with the trials of adolescence. Which, as we all know, generally involves amorous entanglements, family issues, self-identity, the looming spectre of adulthood and – you guessed it – a fair amount of booze.

Taste Whisky @ Leslie’s Tutored Tasting
Presenting itself as Edinburgh’s finest local bar, John Leslie’s (no, not that one) is offering you the chance to become skilled in the arts of whisky tasting. 12 distilleries are taking part, including the revered names of Glenlivet, Laphroaig and Talisker, and if you happen to over-do it, remember that Scotland’s other national drink – the trusty Bru – is a great hangover cure.

Beer Goggles
A free Fringe comedy show that ponders the great questions of bar philosophy: is the glass half-full or half-empty, or does it in fact just have too much head on it? One of the participants, Jim Campbell, is an Amused Moose and So You Think You’re Funny finalist for 2009; if he makes you laugh, go ahead and buy him a pint.

Days of Wine and Roses
Jazz and booze: whether it’s the Beat poets’ bottle of wine, or the glass of bourbon on a New Orleans grand piano, the two are dizzily intertwined. Tony Bennet and Bill Evans performed their own version of this alcohol-tinged classic on their 1975 collaboration album; that album now forms the basis of a tribute by vocalist Jonathan Cairney and pianist Euan Stevenson.

A Pint For The Ghost
There’s a South Yorkshire legend that tells of a pub where the ghosts come to share their tales. It’s fitting, then, that this legend has been adapted by the morbidly-monikered Helen Mort into a sequence of poems and stories to be performed at the Fringe; even more fitting that it should be performed at what is purported to be Edinburgh’s most haunted pub.

Beer Goggles - Free

Is the glass half full or half empty? The world contains joy, love and kittens but also war, pestilence and Piers Morgan. Which side prevails? Two men put forward their cases to determine the definitive answer. Jim Campbell is part of the award-winning team behind the 'Football Ramble' podcast and was a finalist in both…

Days of Wine and Roses

In 1975, Tony Bennett and Bill Evans created an album of sublime beauty, a masterpiece. Vocalist Jonathan Cairney and pianist Euan Stevenson pay homage to its creators in a relaxed, informative and musically profound show. Ages: U

The Difference Between Gin and Bacardi

Front Seat Theatre are an exciting, young and innovative theatre company dedicated to creating and performing original work by theatre's newest and emerging talent. This piece looks at the lives and close-knit relationships between three young people as they all reach a certain crossroads, and the realisation that the…

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