5 Questions - Ricardo Garcia

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  • 19 August 2010

This article is from 2010

5 Questions - Ricardo Garcia

One of the busiest men on the Fringe, Ricardo Garcia takes time out from his many performances to tell us about his interactive show, A Compas Flamenco.

5 things you love most about flamenco?
I love the fact that it is the art of the people – not a formal, artificial thing – we have always sung, clapped and played at home around the table, with family and friends; it is truth and passion; it is a combination of elements from many cultures which have come together, but which is also always developing and moving forward. And mostly I love that flamenco touches people deeply – we all have rhythm and we all feel music in our souls.

4 reasons why people should come to A Compas Flamenco?
It is a unique opportunity to find out about flamenco – it’s informal, you can ask questions, try out clapping rhythms and stamping steps, see the instruments and accessories and meet the group; the dancers are superb! Both from Barcelona, Frederic Gomez’s dancing has been called ‘one of the wonders of Fringe 2010’ and Aida Gil Garcia is equally talented — a young yet highly eclectic and seductive dancer; we really want to share! We care about spreading the message of flamenco, and we love this chance to connect with people directly. But the main reason is to have fun – you will have a smile on your face and hopefully have learnt a thing or two.

3 favourite things about the Fringe?
The people – audiences from all over the world; the performers we know from other festivals (e.g. Movin’ Melvin Brown, Jonno Katz); I love Edinburgh itself – the pubs and the magical walks by the Water of Leith, late-night meals with our group; finally, the extraordinary opportunities that come out of the Edinburgh Fringe – because of it we played in New Jersey on the same stage as Aretha Franklin, and have held workshops in Cambodia, Ecuador, Barcelona – the Edinburgh Fringe changed my life!

2 words to sum up the Ricardo Garcia style?
Flamenco flow – that’s why it’s the name of my website!

1 thing you would like people to feel after taking part in A Compas Flamenco?

Eager to learn more about flamenco (and inspired to come back later to our 8.30pm formal show at the Bongo Club).

A Compas Flamenco, The Bongo Club, 557 2827, 28 & 29 Aug, 2.30pm, £9 (£6–£8).

Flamenco at the Bongo!

'Fabulous fingers of fire!' A decade at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Ricardo Garcia and his fiery Spanish music and dance group return to bring the joy and spontaneity of the best of flamenco to the Edinburgh audience! With origins in Northern India, influences in Arab music, through the backstreets of Sevillia…