Five Questions - David Paisley

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  • 19 August 2010

This article is from 2010

Five Questions - David Paisley

The Lasses O

Scottish actor David Paisley, a well-kent face from Casualty and River City has swapped performing for directing with his latest project: a retelling of Burns’ life from the perspective of the women who knew him, written by David’s mother, the author Janet Paisley.

1 Give five reasons why people should come to see The Lasses O?

Our wonderful Lasses are almost five reasons by themselves: the performers in my show are amazing, they’ve blown me away with their talent. I couldn’t have asked for a better cast. The script, by Janet Paisley, has been a gift to work on as a first project for me: poignant, often hilarious, earthy, truthful writing. The music: we have integrated singing and dancing and joy into the show, and have used Burns’ music as a way of taking us further into that world. The venue: Henderson’s is a gorgeous place to perform and the food is outstanding, although given I’m vegetarian I may be biased. Discovering an exciting new perspective on Burns’ life, told from a feminine perspective.

2 What are your four favourite things about taking part in the Fringe?

The atmosphere, meeting other artists and performers, taking risks on seeing new things, hard work paying off.

3 What three other shows do you hope to see while you’re here?
Susan Calman – she’s great, Quality Control at the Underbelly and Sunset Song at the Assembly Rooms.

4 What two words sum up your show?

Burns’ Women.

5 What one word sums up how you feel about directing?


The Lasses O, Henderson’s Vegetarian Restaurant and Arts Venue, 225 2131, until 29 Aug (not 26 & 27), 10am (28), 8pm (29), £12 (£8).

'The Lasses, O' by Janet Paisley

  • 3 stars

Midwife, relative, mother-in-law, smuggler, neighbour - five women who knew Robert Burns tell their stories in drama and song. A humorous and moving retelling of the poet's life, directed by David Paisley. ★★★★ (Three Weeks) Ages: U