Cape Dance Company (3 stars)

This article is from 2010.

Cape Dance Company

Pop star-slick, but patchy

The key to what doesn’t quite work about this uneven showcase from one of Africa’s most acclaimed young companies is right there in the first piece – Michael Thomas’ pastoral/pop fusion Treasures of the Heart.

They’re technically superb on the languid balletic movements, but aren’t able to transition seamlessly between these and the deliberately cheesy pop-video gestures woven into the work. The dancers are all talented, but while their bodies go through the motions, there’s little feeling behind it.

Jittery satire on the fashion industry i-Dollf is surer ground for a troupe of dancers who could be models, and there’s some stunning comic physicality here, but they’re a little too slick and sanitised to really do justice to the tribal rhythms in the finale triumvirate of African-fusion works. Given the country’s history, it’s also disquieting to see these pieces performed by a predominately white company.

Zoo Roxy, 662 6892, until 29 Aug, 2.30pm, £12 (£10).

Cape Dance Company

  • 3 stars

Presenting two programmes of diverse, edgy and athletic dance by revered South African and international choreographers, both programmes include Brazilian/American Carlos dos Santos' work 'Allesverloren... Alles Niet Verloren'. ('All is Lost... All is Not Lost'). Treasures of the heart, captivates with its fluidity - a…


1. Bet19 Aug 2010, 5:38pm5 stars Cape Dance Company Report

Don't pay any attention to that review. I don't know what the reviewer was watching. However this young dance company do put on 4 different programmes so it could be one I didn't see! Somehow I just don't think so though.

We loved the 2.30 pm programme which we saw on Monday August 16th 2010. All of the YOUNG cast were mesmerising and a surprise to us as we had chanced upon the company in our youth hostel and decided to go along.

They did ballet and some up to the minute modern stuff plus some fabulous contemporary pieces. We decided to nip along to an 11 o'clock performance with the CAPA on our last morning and loved to see their work. We met a German couple who had also returned to see them again on the strength of an afternoon programme they had seen. My only regret was that my daughter and her friends were out performing Alice's Adventures at about the same time every afternoon and had to go flyering each morning so they could not fit in a visit to see these young people. I shall be watching out for them in future and in particular Henk - mesmerising!

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