Granny's Gone Wild (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Granny's Gone Wild

Geriatric jokes and pensioner’s punch-lines

Lynn Ruth Miller is 77 years old – a fact she lets you in on moments into her opening rap (yes, you read that correctly). Nestled among the wrinkly folds of her material are jokes about saggy boobs, husbands long dead and sex for the elderly, along with a few carefully chosen uses of the F-word.

And yet, underneath the smut, here’s a lady you can’t help being charmed by. Sure, the jokes need to have dust blown off them at some point, and certain references need to be explained to younger audience members, but it’s so utterly refreshing to engage with a person on the other side of the age gap, or rather, have them engage with you, using comedy as a meeting point where you can understand each other. By the time she starts throwing old bras at the audience, she’s an old friend; maybe not as wild as the title would suggest, but a loveable granny nonetheless.

Laughing Horse @ Espionage, 477 7007, until 30 Aug, 6.30pm, free.

Granny's Gone Wild - Free

  • 3 stars

Lynn Ruth Miller, our own Joan Rivers without the swearing, continues her five-year tradition of proving that aging is something to laugh about. Now, at 77, she is the world's oldest cougar, on the prowl with a routine that proves the older you are, the better you get. Indulge your funny bone with raps and one-liners that…