Borderline Racist (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Borderline Racist

A humorous discourse on xenophobia

We all know what the Scots think of English, what the English think of the French, and what everybody thinks of Americans. This systematic slagging off of your neighbours is a tradition that exists worldwide; in this show, comedian Paul Kerensa explores it in a sharp and amusing fashion.

Kerensa has managed to formulate a show that ties together some of the trademark accoutrements of modern stand-up: the projection screen behind him switches between world maps, while the karaoke machine at his feet blares out snappily-cut continent-related music cues (the bands Europe and Asia make an appearance, as does Toto’s ‘Africa’). He’s also got a perfect mode of audience interaction: the more people of different nationality in the audience, the more varied the performance. With so much material to cover, some sections feel a little rushed, while others (a Comic Relief parody for poverty-stricken Fringe comedians) are perhaps a little too self indulgent; on the whole though, it’s an enjoyable hour that accomplishes the feat of offending no one while referring to Albanians as ‘unwashed thieves.’

Canon’s Gait, 0794 192 9239, until 20 Aug, 8.25pm, free.

Borderline Racist - Free

  • 3 stars

We know what Scots think of the English, and English think of the French... Well Dutchmen think Germans are bicycle-thieves, Latvians swear in Russian, and Finns are apparently introverted sauna-lovers. 'British Comedy Award' nominee and BBC writer ('Not Going Out', 'Miranda', 'Now Show') uncovers what every nation thinks…