Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - A Romantic Comedy! (2 stars)

This article is from 2010.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - A Romantic Comedy!

Israel and Palestine get it on

MTV meets Middle East politics in this bouncy if disjointed musical offering from Nerdcore Rising director Negin Farsad and Mike Mosallam, where diplomacy is a euphemism for 'boning', rap becomes a weapon of war and Kurt Cobain emerges as a love rival getting in the way of lasting peace.

The action begins at the 1948 Geneva Convention. Sue (Farsad) from the 'aspiring territory' of Palestine is getting it on with Daniel (Mosallam) from 'Jewlandia'. But with Israel occupying more than its fair share of territory, it isn’t long before the young lovers are at war - literally.

Recasting geopolitical events as all-singing, all-dancing episodes in a decades-long story of frustrated romance, the performers provide a quirky, bawdy take on conflict - complete with pop culture-inflected sketches whose geeky zaniness nicely emphasises war’s absurdity. The Gaby Alter-composed tunes are also belted out with gusto. But there isn’t enough in the way of flow or rhythm, and the gags, though heartily delivered, draw subdued chuckles rather than belly-laughs.

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy

'The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: A Romantic Comedy' is an American musical that tracks the notorious Middle East conflict back to a botched one-night stand at the Geneva Convention. The newly formed country and aspiring territory totally had sex, then Israel didn't call, then Palestine went aggro, then Israel totally…


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