Mark Beaumont to give talk at Edinburgh Book Festival

This article is from 2010.

Mark Beaumont to give talk at Edinburgh Book Festival

Enduring the elements on two wheels and two feet

It’s been an incredible year for Mark Beaumont. Nine months cycling and mountaineering, solo, down the backbone of America were followed by three months of back-to-back public appearances. But before writing his second book – the first covers his record-breaking round-the-world solo cycle – he’s appearing at the Book Festival, on his own and in conversation with fellow endurance cyclist Paul Howard. Not that the Scot is just a cyclist, even if that is what he is best known for. ‘I don’t think my next journey will be by bike,’ he reveals. ‘But it will be in a similar vein; being out there, filming and doing original first journeys.’

What interests him now is how to relate the solo experience to an audience: the spirit of what it is like, both physically and mentally, to spend long periods of time battling against your own limitations. ‘You always go through those dark, dark spells in expeditions and they are always the most memorable afterwards,’ he says, pointing out that amateur cyclist Howard had a very tough time in his off-road cycle. ‘It is interesting to see what time does to experiences. I have been there, so I am quite fascinated to talk to Paul and see how he talks about it. He writes far more technically than I do, so it could be very interesting. Two very different ways to remember what were quite different solo experiences.’

27 Aug, 3pm, 8.30pm (with Paul Howard), £10 (£8).

Mark Beaumont

The amazing story of the man who cycled round the world. As if cycling all the way round the world were not incredible enough, Mark Beaumont achieved it so quickly that he smashed the previous world record for the 18,000-mile trip by a staggering eighty one days. But Beaumont did not simply get himself into the record…

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