Tom Chatfield talk on hidden educational power of video games

Pat Kane chairs Edinburgh Book Festival talk


This article is from 2010.

Tom Chatfield talk on hidden educational power of video games

By the end of 2008, the annual sales figure for video games was $40billion, outstripping the movie business by some way. Here’s another stat: 99% of teenage boys and 94% of teenage girls have played a video game. Tom Chatfield’s Fun Inc takes apart the notion that staring at screens and endlessly clicking away to the likes of Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid or Halo (pictured) is fundamentally a bad thing for both the mind and society, instead seeing games as a realm amassed with difficulties, obligations, judgments and allegiances that will actually help the player in their interactions with the real world. Exploring this further with Chatfield is Pat Kane, ‘writer, musician and play theorist’.

27 Aug, 4pm, £10 (£8).

Tom Chatfield

99% of British teenage boys have played one, and they easily outweigh the impact of films: for any of us who doubted it, Tom Chatfield’s new book shows just how influential video games are set to be. But the influence goes beyond pure economics: as Chatfield explains in this discussion, games could become a key area for…


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