Highland Wildlife Park Tour

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  • 17 August 2010

This article is from 2010.

Highland Wildlife Park Tour

A trip up North courtesy of the Edinburgh Zoo

Fed up with staring at comedians baring their teeth inside hot rooms? You need some fresh air, my friend. Edinburgh Zoo have very sweetly put on a bus to take parties interested in getting out of Edinburgh (an impulse we can kind of understand, by this time) up north for a daytrip to the Highland Wildlife Park, where you can witness tigers, deer, and Mercedes the relocated polar bear ambling happily about the park (within their own enclosures, obv.) It’s like everything another comedy show is not.

Bus leaves from Edinburgh Zoo at 8.30am on Sat 21 Aug. Phone 0131 314 00350 to book a place; tickets cost £32 (£23 for zoo members).

Highland Wildlife Park Tour

A trip up north to the Highland Wildlife Park, home to Mercedes the polar bear, with a drive around the reserve followed by a walking tour. Depart from Edinburgh Zoo.

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