The Wau Wau Sisters (3 stars)

This article is from 2010.

The Wau Wau Sisters

Chaotic, messy, Benny Hill-style slap and tickle comedy

This is chaotic, messy, Benny Hill-style slap and tickle comedy, from those dirty tramps, The Wau Wau Sisters. Acrobatic striptease, red wine showers and Catholic schoolgirl burlesque skits keep the tone strictly low-brow, with song and dance numbers about sex with Jesus or the sisters’ attempts to, quite literally, love everyone. Their trapeze skills are impressive, but audience participation-phobes should consider themselves well warned …

Assembly Rooms, 623 3030, until 30 Aug (not 23), 10.40pm, £12.50–£13.50 (£11.50–£12.50).

The Wau Wau Sisters' Last Supper

  • 3 stars

'La Clique' stars T&A return with their new show of unearthly delights and debauchery. Straddling the hilarious gap between religious and related, performance-art and party, busking and burlesque, profanity and divinity, this 2-gal circus contorts and careens to a bacchanalian finale. A 'last supper', full of saviours…

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