Speed... Mating... (2 stars)

This article is from 2010.

Speed... Mating...

Zoology meets comedy in this lecture on sexuality

A German zoology professor and an Irish comic team up to offer a lecture (complete with slides) on matters sexual, looking at how we compare with the animal kingdom. Great idea, poorly realised. Dr Maggio is everyone’s favourite lecturer – funny, knowledgeable and with a glint in his eye – but the show feels structureless, needs better jokes and more facts. Like an inexperienced lover, this 50-minute show leaves one unsatisfied and asking, ‘was that it?’

Surgeons Hall, 0845 508 8515, until 30 Aug, 8.33pm, £6 (£4).

Speed... Mating...

  • 2 stars

Your date with Mother Nature's most exuberant offspring and their ingenious mating rituals. Learn from the master breeders before they turn themselves into an endangered species! The Fringe's most hilarious lecture ‘evolutionises’ your love life (not for the faint-hearted creationist!) It's 'QI' meets the Animal Darwin…

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