Miles Jupp (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Miles Jupp

Wonderful, funny and moving

Jupp is a thoroughly endearing storyteller, stand-up and cricket fetishist. The former Balamory actor’s account of how he posed as a journalist and toured India with the England team (and some familiar sports celebs) is wonderful, funny and moving. It speaks to anyone who has ever loved anything – music, football, films, whatever – or who has ever had a hero.

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Miles Jupp: Songs Of Freedom

The actor, stand-up and host of The News Quiz muses on modern life.

Miles Jupp: Fibber in the Heat (A Cricket Tale)

  • 4 stars

From 'The Thick of It' and BBC Radio 7's 'Newsjack', this Perrier nominee tells the sorry tale of how he attempted to become a cricket journalist by the ill-thought out and dishonest method of pretending to be one. After pulling a few strings and telling some little lies, an unprepared and unqualified Jupp heads to India…

Miles Jupp: Fibber In The Heat (A Cricket Tale)

  • 1h

Miles Jupp received a Perrier nomination for Best Newcomer in 2003 following successful appearances on channel four's So You Think You're Funny. His general upper class persona led to several appearances on BBC Scotland's Live Floor show as well as appearing on Paramount's The World Stands Up and channel four's You Must…