Jimmy McGhie (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Jimmy McGhie

A set of simple but funny observations

The consumer perversions of iPhone owning, Tesco Metro shopping, gap-year funding middle-class twonks form the meat of McGhie’s show, and if you are such a twonk then you’ll enjoy laughing at your own foibles. Zaire despot Joseph Mobutu features as the voice of McGhie’s conscience, and adds texture to what is otherwise a set of simple but funny observations about the pettiness of the comic’s overly comfortable life, with reference to yours.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 30 Aug, 9.45pm, £8.50-£9.50 (£7-£8).

Jimmy McGhie - The All-Powerful Warrior Who With His Endurance and Inflexible Will to Win Goes From Conquest to Conquest Leaving Fire in His Wake

  • 3 stars

Jimmy McGhie returns to the Fringe with his second solo stand-up show after his acclaimed debut, ‘The Northern Meeting’. This year he explores his lack of drive with stories of trips to Berlin, Africa and Tesco Metro – in a show about potential and how to unrealise it. 'Instantly likeable stand-up' (Chortle.co.uk); 'One…