The 80s Movie Flashback (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

The 80s Movie Flashback

If you like self-aware tackiness, try it out

‘Thanks for coming out tonight and braving trench foot, as well as the slight risk of black death,’ smiles the chirpy cheerleader leading the show, over the sound of water trickling down the walls. It’s a ramshackle, pseudo-Butlins presentation, with has-been movie characters coming out of the woodwork to share the details of a new karaoke business or B&B. If you like self-aware tackiness, try it out; but wear your wellies.

The Caves, 556 5375, until 28 Aug, 12.20am, £6–£7 (£5–£6).

The 80s Movie Flashback

  • 3 stars

Hey you guys! For everyone who wanted to travel at 88 miles per hour, catch a fly in chopsticks, and never put Baby in a corner, the show that reveals what your favourite 80s movie characters are up to in 2010. From Maverick to Marty, Krueger to Daniel San, Middleborough's #1 80s uber-geek Alex Frik invites them all back…