Creatures (4 stars)

This article is from 2010


The humour is toe-curlingly awkward

Susan Harrison is a tiny wee ball of ginger energy. Her character sketch show is akin to being at a conference in The Office with the cast of Animaniacs: the humour is toe-curlingly awkward and the characters like twisted fairy tales. It’s better than most TV shows of a similar format, but it would be a crime to put a screen between the audience and her ferocious presence.

Jury’s Inn, 0845 508 8387, until 21 Aug, 10.05pm; 23–28 Aug, 9.05pm, £6 (£5).


  • 4 stars

Following the success of her 2009 Edinburgh show, Susan returns with five more deeply troubled and slightly ridiculous characters. Join an elderly mermaid, a fairy with low self esteem, a horse who longs to be a unicorn and a drug addicted borrower. Silly, dark and uplifting character comedy. Surprise guest cameos every…