Alfie Brown & Ivo Graham (2 stars)

This article is from 2010

Alfie Brown & Ivo Graham

Rants and interruptions hamper this newbie duo

Maybe they’ve had too many accolades in the past year, including the So You Think You’re Funny title for Graham, and have become complacent. Maybe they were having an off night, or rushed up to Edinburgh, eager to show their talents but not quite sure how. Whatever happened, opener Ivo Graham appeared so fixated on the ‘weird atmosphere’, that he simply created one. Flashes of confidence were interrupted by veering off-piste when he doesn’t yet have the compere skills to cope with a quieter Wednesday night crowd and instead dedicated his slot to mumblings and an awkward game of Werewolf.

Brown follows, and salvages something of the gig with a set peppered by moments of slick inspiration but hampered by half-written material and some plea-ridden rants that didn’t quite fit right and ultimately missed the mark. Ivo and Alfie are likeable and most certainly have funny bones, but this was not the show to prove it.

The GRV, 226 0000, until 29 Aug (not 23), 9.50pm, £5.

Alfie Brown and Ivo Graham

  • 2 stars

Two fantastic young comedians, Alfie Brown and Ivo Graham (Winner, So You Think You’re Funny 2009), come together to bring their unique and exciting stand-up to the Fringe. Alfie Brown: 'A comic glint that sets him apart from his peers' (; 'The highlight of the show... fantastic and diverse... his…