Jarlath Regan: Not So Common Sense (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Jarlath Regan

Musings on life approaching thirty

The return of the self-proclaimed ‘dark horse’ of the Fringe sees this amiable Irishman deliver a cornucopia of musings on life approaching thirty. Looking somewhat more substantial than his last visit, Regan delivers his 'how to' guide to life as a recently married man. A dramatic opening video montage belies the friendly character of the comedian labelled ‘too nice’ by many, yet this set confirms the label to be perfectly fitting. For one who will surely secure a later slot on the Gilded Balloon roster, perhaps being ‘nice’ is no bad thing.

Gilded Balloon Dining Room, 6.45pm, £7.50 - £9.50 (check event details below)

Jarlath Regan: Not So Common Sense

  • 3 stars

Following two consecutive years of sell-out shows, a milky way of stars and a mantelpiece of awards, Jarlath is back again to present another stand-up comedy hour of original jokes, stories and illustrations about modern life sure to leave you beaming. 'Thoroughly recommended' (Scotsman); ★★★★ 'Side-splitting' (Metro);…