His Name Is Tim (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

His Name Is Tim

A melancholy understanding of first love, lust and desire

The story of the affable young man Tim is a compelling one; we are taken through his early teen years of fantasising about school teachers and falling in love with girls at the supermarket, smartly incorporating this to explain how he now sits at his unfulfilling desk and making inadequate coffee for his boss. It seems the similarities between the two are an aptitude for giving their hearts away to easy and an ambivalent love for making sad music as a result.

The talented star of the one man show makes impressive use of props and music to guide the audience through the different time periods of his life; the music being of particular importance to the narrative and also clearly where his true passions lie. This show is mainly a melancholy understanding of fist love, lust and desire linked to the reliving of previous events which have brought life to its current position. There is also an attempt to pinpoint the moments when life had taken a different direction without his notice; I guess it must have been love!

His Name Is Tim; Zoo @ The Roxy. 4.00pm.

His Name is Tim

  • 3 stars

An offbeat one-man show told through text movement and song. Meet Tim: a schoolboy with an overactive imagination. And meet Tim: a man with no future ambitions. Work deadlines and school bullies are problems they regularly face, as well as how to make the perfect coffee and how to speak to girls (well, a certain girl).