The Du-Rell Family (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

The Du-Rell Family

Death-country fo' y'all

A quarter hour wait in the corridor while the band warmed-up was probably not an ideal start - and as one of only four people in the audience, one feared the worst. But to my surprise, the Texas Chainsaw trailer-trash look of the alt-country quartet (a double Handsome Family of sorts) brought about a wry smile from within. Figurehead of the act (and I mean act), is Laurel, a stunning peroxide 'country-Madonna', who, in turn, strips from a rural mama's-girl frock and headscarf down to a vest, thigh-cut jeans, cowboy boots and bumpkin-baseball cap - very Daisy Duke.

Squeezed next to her 'country cousins/siblings' – a murder-balladeering multi-instrumentalist, an oriental electric violinist, a cardboard cut-out of their double bassist (who died tragically at the end of July, and the show is a tribute to him) plus Patti on washboard percussion - , this bawdy tongue-in-cheek outfit from the Deep South (of England) get their message across via originals, 'Bad Girl', 'Nightmare' and the almost psych C&W of their last number, 'Swamp Massacre'. Predicting big things for the band, that's if they can manage to get that all-important finale track together.

Zoo Southside, 662 6892, until 14 Aug, 9--10 pm, £8 (£6)

The Du-Rell Family

  • 4 stars

The Du-Rell Family will take you on a musical journey to the Deep South with their own brand of dark country and murder ballads. Country cousins telling it like it is 'back home'. They'll charm you with their 'honky tonk tales of heartbreak', set in the swamps and trailer parks. 'Are they pranksters? Well... almost.