Find Love Make Love Die (2 stars)

This article is from 2010.

Find Love Make Love Die

Young cast show maturity but fail to avoid cliche

The set up of this production is not an altogether original one; four schoolchildren (comprising of the popular girl, the outcast unpopular boy, a well-off swatty kid and the rebellious girl with a chip on her shoulder) find themselves trapped in each other's company when a supply teacher fails to show up to their class. The obvious frictions within the group begin to emerge soon enough, even more so once they are forced to cooperate after discovering that an unfortunate outbreak of zombies threatens to overrun the school.

As the group hunt for a lost mobile phone in order to call for help, the gang find themselves hiding from the blood-thirsty carnivores now prowling the school. Sentimental moments are the most endearing part of the show, with the youngsters finding solace and common ground in conversations which they would otherwise not have had, and coming to realise that they share similar insecurities from their experiences of growing up in the modern world. The young cast show maturity as they tackle the more serious content of the production; however, much of the show's themes stagger well beyond the predictable and border on the laughable.

Pleasance Dome, 2:30pm (check event details below) £6.50-£8.50.

Find Love Make Love Die

  • 2 stars

A macabre coming-of-age tale contending with sex, isolation and identity. Four students are in confinement, as their 'infected' classmates rampage across the school grounds. Risking everything to find escape, they find themselves, and each other. Note: Contains adult themes Ages: 12+


1. SignificantUdder17 Aug 2010, 12:55am4 stars Find Love Make Love Die Report

Having read the above review I am inclined to disagree. I very much enjoyed the performance and thought that the young cast performed with a great amount of passion and found them all to be believable. Although it is true that the themes are not exactly original, the writing and direction is good enough to produce a thoroughly worthwhile piece of theatre, with some delightfully thrilling moments and a touching message. The only notable criticism I would have is that the situational comedy could be emphasised even more to give the audience a little relief; as it is a very tense show. You won't come away from Find Love (...) with a new outlook on life, but you will have spent your hour well.


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