An Evening with Dementia (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

An Evening with Dementia

Solo show raises big questions of our future with intelligence and understated humour

With an ever-increasing portion of the British population living longer lives, the unfortunate condition of dementia is an issue which more and more families, and society at large, are faced with. Complex, often life-altering changes are required in order to accommodate for the illness in order for the older population to live out the rest of their lives with dignity. The issue is approached with due seriousness from the sole actor here, as well as a welcome touch of the cynical, understated humour for which the older members of our population are known and loved.

The audience are invited into the mind of the dementia sufferer as he journey through the loneliness of his rapidly-increasing memory loss, contemplating the situation he finds himself in whilst also seeking to understand the events which brought him to this stage of his life. As he ponders former happiness spent with his mother at the seaside, this juxtaposes with the heartbreaking reality that he is now unable to recognise his own wife, children and grandchildren; making for an authentic understanding of the pain and self loathing often felt by dementia sufferers. Important issues are raised here - ones which are sure to be prominent in our society's very near future - ranging from euthanasia to who should be responsible in caring for our ageing population?

the Space on the Mile@The Radisson, Until Sat 28 Aug (please check event details below), 4:05pm; £6.50-£8.50

An Evening with Dementia

  • 3 stars

Trevor T Smith's new play, poignant yet humorous, offers a study of the world seen through the eyes of a dementia sufferer and deals with the issues of loss, disempowerment and old age. The wryly intelligent text astutely deconstructs the experience of an identity cut loose from the rest of the world by a failing memory…