Sean Hughes: Ducks And Other Mistakes I’ve Made (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Sean Hughes: Ducks And Other Mistakes I’ve Made

Extremely embittered ranting from ex-Buzzcocks man

For anyone who has only seen Hughes participate in light-hearted panel quiz shows, this performance may come as a bit of a shock. Alongside caustic diatribes directed at the Catholic Church (including one particularly eye-opening Bill Hicks-doing-Goatboy-style moment) are jibes at himself, his family and the audience, or lack thereof. ‘This is actually a sell-out show, we just decided to put out a hundred extra chairs,’ he says with venom. This is, on the whole, quite funny – his audience interaction in particular shows he has talent for singling out the right comic foils in a (semi-)crowded room. But occasionally the black abyss of Hughes’ bitterness yawns a little too wide; when he berates the audience for offering only titters instead of full-on belly-laughs, you want to suggest that maybe the fault is to be found with the material, not the crowd. But then, he would probably eviscerate you for saying it.

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Sean Hughes - Ducks and Other Mistakes I've Made

  • 3 stars

After selling out in 2009, Sean Hughes has been on the road for a whole year and has been perfecting his new show. At its absolute peak, he brings it to Edinburgh for two weeks only! A household name with his dark, explosive style of quick-fire audience banter who has appeared in endless TV shows. Sean recently returned…