Some Gorgeous Accident (1 star)

This article is from 2010

Some Gorgeous Accident

Overlong travesty

In this confusing love-rhombus tale, Susie loves Fiddes, Fiddes loves Susie, but also Link; Susie might love Link too. Link loves himself. And Mandy loves anything to cross her path. Essentially, fast-living Link persuades his friends to start living life to the max and then complains when things go horribly wrong. The characters are unlikeable, pretentious and, on occasion, unintelligible as they faff their way through this overlong travesty.

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Some Gorgeous Accident

  • 1 star

James Link loves Richard David Fiddes like a brother and Susan Steinberg like a lover. Susie loves Link alright; sure she does. She loves Fiddes too, but not like any brother. And Fiddes? An iconic 60s tale of friendship, loyalty, revenge, sex and drink, by the brilliant Scottish novelist and screenwriter James Kennaway…