Gutted. A Revenger’s Musical (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Gutted. A Revenger’s Musical

Elaborate but strangely poorly thought-out revenge

Orphaned Sorrow has finally married her parents’ murderer, step one in her elaborate but strangely poorly thought-out revenge. Early on her resolve fluctuates for the sake of making her redeemable, instead making her a ditherer: an even less sympathetic quality than irredeemability. The book is mostly prosaic and uninspired, but not offensively so, and the production isn’t without a certain boisterous, admirably carefree charm.

Assembly Rooms, 623 3030, until 29 Aug (not 24), 11.15pm, £15 (£14).

Gutted. A Revenger's Musical

  • 3 stars

The comedians' musical. At aged seven, Sorrow saw her parents murdered in a brutal incident. 20 years later she has found the man who did it, married him and now it's payback time. Danielle Ward and Martin White's 'Gutted' is a musical about love, murder, revenge and idiots; from the creators of sell-out cult hits…


1. TMaylath26 Aug 2010, 9:57am1 star Gutted. A Revenger’s Musical Report

As a high school production this musical would gain accolades of 'loads of promise' and 'talent to look out for'. Sadly the writers and performers are well past 'Glee' stage. The cost of a ticket should mean that all the performers on stage are less likely to giggle hysterically at each other's own hammy, amateurish performances. Danielle Ward (co-writer and playing bass at the back of the stage) was barely able to contain her own self-congratulatory laughter whenever someone fell about or forget their lines. The whole thing had an air of the 'cool kids' at school wallowing in their own self regard while the rest of the kids looked on wishing they were in on the joke. When acting as Dave Gorman's sidekick on his radio show, Ward is never one to pass up an opportunity for a swipe at how women are all a bit stupid and she puts the tendency to good use in this hour-long 'are all women fickle' fest. Co-writer and composer Martin White (also on the Dave Gorman show) should know better. He is a talented musician (I've given the production one star to reflect his genius) but the smugness he shows on the Gorman show, the two of them laughing for minutes at a time at their own jokes, is all too apparent in this poorly executed parody of a musical done Rocky Horror style. Contrived plot twists, actors falling over themselves to outshine each other giggling like children playing the back end of a donkey in the christmas panto , the most heinous crime in this murder musical worth investigating is their audacity in charging £15 to endure it.

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