Gutted. A Revenger’s Musical (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Gutted. A Revenger’s Musical

Elaborate but strangely poorly thought-out revenge

Orphaned Sorrow has finally married her parents’ murderer, step one in her elaborate but strangely poorly thought-out revenge. Early on her resolve fluctuates for the sake of making her redeemable, instead making her a ditherer: an even less sympathetic quality than irredeemability. The book is mostly prosaic and uninspired, but not offensively so, and the production isn’t without a certain boisterous, admirably carefree charm.

Assembly Rooms, 623 3030, until 29 Aug (not 24), 11.15pm, £15 (£14).

Gutted. A Revenger's Musical

  • 3 stars

The comedians' musical. At aged seven, Sorrow saw her parents murdered in a brutal incident. 20 years later she has found the man who did it, married him and now it's payback time. Danielle Ward and Martin White's 'Gutted' is a musical about love, murder, revenge and idiots; from the creators of sell-out cult hits…