Alonzo King Lines Ballet

This article is from 2010.

Alonzo King Lines Ballet

Modern classical dance with an Indian beat

It’s part of our make-up to search for the meaning in things. So it’s no surprise that when an audience sits down in front of a piece of modern dance, the big question in most people’s heads is ‘what’s it all about?’.

Bringing two works to this year’s Edinburgh International Festival, award-winning San Francisco-based choreographer Alonzo King would rather we made our own mind up. ‘Dust and Light happens on so many levels,’ he says. ‘There are themes of support and struggle, and a microscopic look at relationships. But people will look at the piece and apply their own narrative – which is their right, because I don’t think the author is the definitive voice on anything that’s ever made.’

Accompanying Dust and Light is Rasa, another work of contemporary classical dance, which King created in close collaboration with Grammy Award-winning Tabla player Zakir Hussain. A child prodigy, Hussain was touring with music legend Ravi Shankar by the age of 12, and is now viewed as one of the world’s finest musicians. In a Festival coup, he’ll be performing live on stage alongside the dancers.

‘You just can’t beat sound that is happening in the moment,’ says King. ‘Some theatres can’t afford live music because the cost of touring it is prohibitive, but Edinburgh has the privilege of Zakir being there, and he’s an amazing artist – a real monster of music.’

Festival Theatre, 473 2000, 26-29 Aug, 8pm, £10–£28.50.

Alonzo King Lines Ballet

In their UK debut, choreographer Alonzo King and his Lines Ballet from San Francisco bring a pair of works to the Festival which show the vulnerability and tenderness of his choreography alongside the furious abandon and exhilarating freedom of his company’s contemporary classical style. Sponsored by Lloyds TSB Scotland.

Conversations: Alonzo King Lines Ballet

Choreographer Alonzo King, a distinctive voice in dance, talks about how he embraces a global perspective on stage. Supported by Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust.

Zakir Hussain Master of the Tabla

One of the world leading tabla players, Zakir Hussain appears with Alonzo King Lines Ballet in Festival 2010. In this lecture demonstration Zakir offers rare insights into the music and culture of this iconic instrument.

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