The Regretrospective (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

The Regretrospective

The tiger who came to tea with his ex-lover, the horse

Under ‘experiences that could only happen at the Fringe’, chalk up ‘watching a woman wearing a horse’s head use flamenco to seduce her ex-lover, a large cuddly toy tiger, in a bedsit, to a trip hop soundtrack’. And yet, bizarrely, dancer and multimedia artist Juliet Aster makes it work.

The Regretrospective is a weird but somehow charming mishmash of lo-fi stop-motion animation, puppetry and dance. To a toy tiger. Perhaps realising that this sort of quirkiness could easily become wearying, Aster keeps the running time short and sweet, so it comes in at well under an hour.

Although the soundtrack is a little dated, and the use of film dialogue from the television set for explanatory voice-over a well-worn trope, Aster’s command of flamenco is such that even in a tiny performance space, while wearing a horse’s head, you really do believe her passion. For the toy tiger.

Zoo Roxy, 662 6892, until 30 Aug (not 16), 9pm, £10 (£8)

The Regretrospective

  • 3 stars

A half-human, half-horse's brief bedsit encounter with a tiger. Set amongst films, animations and props, the piece looks at the implications of desire, regret, illusion, delusion and our inherent animal/human natures in a surreal and offbeat way. A combination of contemporary flamenco technique, mask work and physical…