Dommett & Lapaert (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Dommett & Lapaert

Material tossed aside for engaging tomfoolery

The bubbling confidence of manic youthery shines through this knockabout gig as Joel Dommett and Eric Lampaert take turns in undermining the other’s half-hour(ish) set. Sending slickness home for the night with a tenner in its back pocket, this is a spirit-of-the-Fringe style affair with lots of lunging, liquid-spilling and general oafing about. It’s difficult to get a grip on who might emerge as the better stand-up talent as it’s best to see this as a platform for the pair to gauge what might be expected once they get their paws on full hour-long sets.

Regrettably, it will be impossible for some time not to use the words ‘Russell’ and ‘Brand’ in the same sentence as the words ‘Eric’ and ‘Lampaert’, so uncannily similar are the speech patterns, hair and thrusting gangliness. He’s even done some work for MTV so you can expect him to show up for work dressed as a Saudi-born terror suspect any day now. Dommett’s enthusiasm is relentless while describing an incident with a theatre luvvie, and the pair’s contagious ebullience rather than anything remotely like winning material sends them off to a storming ovation.

Underbelly, 08445 458 252, until 29 Aug, 7.50pm, £9–£10 (£6.50–£9).

Dommett and Lampaert

  • 3 stars

Join stand-ups hottest rising stars, Joel Dommett ('Skins', E4) and Eric Lampaert (MTV) as they take you on a combined hour of engaging bewilderment and mischievous magnificent-ness. Joel Dommett, English 'comedian of the year' finalist: 'surreal and child-like take on everything has everyone in stitches' (Dirty South).