Sarah Bennetto draws her first card

This article is from 2010.

Sarah Bennetto: The King and I

Board Meeting: Sarah Bennetto

Sarah Bennetto is totally winning our prize for best (and quite speedy) drawing. She's spending her August telling of how Prince Charles (actually) invited her to the Palace and how she (actually) went. Look! It's Charles on a card! Our minds are blown.

Sarah Bennetto: The King and I is at the Pleasance Dome. 1.30pm until 29 Aug (not 16). £6.50-£8 (£7.50-£9).
She is also behind The Storytellers' Club in the Pleasance Courtyard. 10pm 12-14, 19-21, 26-28 Aug. £7.50-£10

Storytellers' Club

Each night comedians gather in a giant ark to tell witching hour tales. Our special guest raconteurs are Fringe stars from all over the world. You show, we'll tell. 'Shows like Storytellers' Club are what make the Comedy Festival so special. To bring all this talent together into the one room and give them the freedom to…

Sarah Bennetto: The King and I

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It's the most important party of her life. To her horror: she's late, dressed in polyester, and probably not invited. Her mum had taught her about savvy socialising: just arrive with gift and help the host around the house. The problem with this party is: the host is Prince Charles and the house is the palace. This is a…

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