Gyles Brandreth is 'One to One' with the shiny white board

This article is from 2010

Gyles Brandreth: The One to One Show

Board Meeting: Gyles Brandreth

What can we say? It's Gyles Brandreth! He's doing a show. It features Gyles Brandreth! We took this photo, which also features Gyles Brandreth! He's lovely dresser, that Gyles Brandreth.

Gyles Brandreth: The One to One Show is at the Pleasance Courtyard. 4.30pm, until 30 Aug (not 11, 18). £14-£15 (£12.50-£14).
Mr B also wrote Wonderland, Assembly @ George Street. 1.45, until 30 Aug (not 17). £14-15 (£13-£14).


Wonderland: the true story of Lewis Carroll and Isa Bowman. Michael Maloney ('Truly, Madly Deeply', 'Hamlet') stars in the world premiere of a new musical play by five star Edinburgh award-winner Gyles Brandreth and New York musical award-winner Susannah Pearce. Set in Eastbourne, Oxford and through the looking glass…

Gyles Brandreth - The One to One Show

  • 4 stars

Gyles and the stars he's met - one to one. From politics and show business to the Queen and 'Countdown', without hesitation or repetition (and just a touch of deviation) Gyles delivers a dazzling sixty minutes of wit, wordplay and hilarious name-dropping. He's previously scored multiple five-stars and won the Most Popular…