At least they're showing us how to draw a cake

This article is from 2010.

Domestic Goddi: Wonderland

Board Meeting: Domestic Goddi

These three ladies have been garnering quite a reputation for, no not like that...they're funny. A funny reputation. Oh shut up and look what a neat cake they drew. In case you can't read it, they also wrote 'obesity rules' on the side. We totally agree.

Domestic Goddi: Wonderland is at the Pleasance Courtyard. 2.45pm, until 30 Aug (not 11, 18). £7-£8.50 (£8-£9.50).

Domestic Goddi Wonderland

Fringe sell-outs Domestic Goddi bring their 'Wonderland' to the Edinburgh Fringe. In a brand new sketch show, Yummy mummy Rosie Wilkinson weens her baby on sashimi and udon noodles while running over pensioners with her 4x4 buggy; clinically single Helen O'Brien reminisces about assassinated presidents and guerilla sales…

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