Meow Meow - Feline Intimate (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Meow Meow - Feline Intimate

Cabaret will never be the same

The former star of La Clique, who counts David Bowie among her fans, strips away the mystique of cabaret in this riotous postmodern deconstruction of her art. That’s literally the case when during the first few minutes of the show she’s interrupted by her producer who informs the diva her dress was only hired for the first song. Following a swift and awkward strip, Meow is left to perform in her undergarments, bemoaning the cheapness of the production that’s evidently beneath her. But she’s a professional and the show must go on, so she begrudgingly delivers a series of seductive torch songs, climaxing with crowd-surfing and a costume change in mid-song and then a triumphant return to the stage in a new dress.

Meow’s got her haughty but daffy diva down to a tee. And while the show’s a mess (but intentionally so, of course), her performance is anything but as Meow switches between belting out songs, ordering her band, the audience and the venue crew around and performing some impressively tricky acrobatics.

Assembly @ Princes Street gardens, 623 3030, until 29 Aug (not 16, 23), 8pm, £16.50–18.50 (£14.50–16.50).

Meow Meow - Feline Intimate

  • 4 stars

A star of the Olivier award-winning 'La Clique' and favourite of David Bowie and Pina Bausch, purr-fect postmodern diva Meow Meow's unique brand of kamikaze cabaret kitsch and performance art exotica has hypnotised, inspired and terrified audiences worldwide. 'The spectacular crowdsurfing queen of song drags cabaret…