5 Questions - Frank McConnell

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  • 12 August 2010

This article is from 2010

5 Questions - Frank McConnell

Frank McConnell of Plan B takes time out from performing A Wee Home From Home with musician Michael Marra, to answer our 5 Questions.

1. Give five reasons why people should come and see A Wee Home From Home?
It’s funny; it’s moving; it’s thought-provoking; there’s great live music; we need an audience for the show to work.

2. Name four other shows in the Fringe you’ll be seeing this year.
Decky Does A Bronco – Grid Iron; My Name Is Margaret Morris – Stuart Hopps; Private Dancer – Janice Parker and Co; Sub Rosa – Fire Exit.

3. What three things made you want to be a performer?
A need to communicate without words; it was hugely liberating; I actually wanted to be a joiner but my mother suggested becoming a contemporary dancer in case the joinery didn’t work out.

4. What two words sum up the plan B style?
Pure … brilliant!

5. What one thing do you hope will happen to you this Fringe?

In the madness and chaos which is the Fringe, I hope to realise that there is plenty of artistic enrichment for us all.

A Wee Home From Home, Acoustic Music Centre @ St Brides, 668 2019, until 22 Aug, 5.20pm, £10 (£8).

A Wee Home From Home

A highly charged and compelling dance theatre piece, 'A Wee Home From Home' explores the dizzying emotions and memories that one man's homecoming can provoke. Told with affection, and wandering through other familiar territory that would rather be forgotten, the show is a roller coaster ride down an unpredictable memory…

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