Mr McFall’s Chamber

This article is from 2010.

Mr McFall’s Chamber

Tribute to Scottish techno-folk composer

In a concert featuring the music from their latest album, Mr McFall’s Chamber present a programme of the same name, ‘Birds and Beasts’, celebrating the musical legacy of ‘folk meets techno’ composer Martyn Bennett, and including a couple of pieces by Scottish jazz/folk composer Fraser Fifield.

Birds and Beasts is the result of a collaborative venture between the innovative chamber music group, Mr McFall’s Chamber and Martyn Bennett, which started before the composer tragically lost his fight to cancer in 2005. Robert McFall, the founding member of the ensemble, has worked with Bennett extensively in the past. ‘We knew Martyn well, and were originally going to be doing a project with him, and so this is a continuation of that project which we have to finish,’ he explains.

With several of Bennett’s tunes, McFall has ‘taken a lot of liberties, which he would have appreciated, I know,’ when orchestrating some of Bennett’s music. Presenting his work in a new light such as this shows that even though the composer is, sadly, unable to hear the new hues that his music is taking on, his work is still very much alive.

Birds and Beasts: Music of Martyn Bennett and Fraser Fifield, Mr McFall’s Chamber with Fraser Fifield, The Queen’s Hall, 668 2019, Wed 25 Aug, 7.30pm, £14 (£8).

Birds and Beasts - Music of Martyn Bennett and Fraser Fifield

Following its release of 'Birds and Beasts', Mr McFall’s Chamber brings a programme of maverick contemporary Scottish music by two of Scotland’s most adventurous traditional musicians. Martyn Bennett, who died of Hodgkin’s disease five years ago at the age of thirty-three, created powerful dance music by combining…


1. Lisette25 Oct 2010, 6:07pm Report

On looking through my vast CD collection today, lots of them destined for charity shops, I came across 'Revolucianario'. What a joy! Many years ago I'd get the train to Central Station, Glasgow, while home from the Middle East, spend hours in Borders (sadly gone) and this CD caught my attention. I listened for a minute or two through the earphones in the store, was instantly hooked, and bought it. I've recently purchased wonderful new speakers for my laptop and played 'Revolucianario' after it's been languishing in my collection- TV and radio unfortunately took up most of my time.

Quedemonoa aqui - 'My love, life is moving on, But let's stay here - the time has come for arriving. My love, let's just stay here'.

Te Recuerdo, Amanda - 'I remember you Amanda, on the wet street, running up to the factory where Manuel worked; a wide smile, rain in your hair, nothing mattered; you were going to meet up with him, with him, with him'.

Y somos Ia gente - 'It is sweeter and warmer to enjoy that simple balance - going out..and coming home; how lovely to return and sit down to eat....after a kiss.

This CD is mine forever and I hope to listen to them live soon!


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