That Moment (3 stars)

This article is from 2010.

That Moment

Endearing and comic one-woman performance

The lead character in this one-woman show, Alicia Harding, is a budding actress and one of those girls who seems to attract calamity like dog shit attracts flies – and she’s also developing an alarming habit of landing jobs which involve cleaning up piles of the aforementioned stinky stuff as opposed to proclaiming her lines on stage.

If the tangled plot of scrapes and awkward situations she gets herself into is all a bit chick-lit, it’s partially redeemed by its surprisingly ambivalent ending. There’s plenty of in-jokes about the acting trade, the Fringe, and the unbearable fakery of the theatre world, but it’s all accessible stuff.

The real draw here is the engaging performance of born raconteur Jenny Harrold as Alicia. She tells her story, slipping into different roles with ease – from Alicia herself to her snooty Scottish agent, an obnoxious Irish casting agent and a pair of plummy old luvvie directors she’s desperately trying to impress by means fair or foul. All this makes for an unchallenging but very likeable and funny hour of lunchtime theatre.

Underbelly, 0845 545 8252, until 29 Aug, 12.50pm, £8.50–£10 (£7.50–£9).

That Moment

  • 3 stars

Alicia’s an actress…  crap agent, profit-shares, one line on 'Casualty'. Things are so bad she's even dog-sitting. With an overactive imagination, and only the increasingly spooky and selectively incontinent dog for company, Alicia sets about righting the wrongs. 'It is everything you want in a show: witty, slick and…


1. CM13 Aug 2010, 5:50pm5 stars That Moment Report

This is a MUST SEE show. Not only full of laughs but this actress commands the whole stage - she is marvellous. A very good lunchtime show well worthwhile - one of the gems of Edinburgh!

2. M.T.Wraight14 Aug 2010, 10:07am5 stars That Moment Report

This one woman show is an absolute joy from start to finish! As soon as it was over, I wanted to see it again. This accomplished actress is skilled and insightful, making the many characters come alive before your very eyes. A brilliant portrayal of a cleverly constructed, entertaining play. Go and see her, you will be totally bowled over.

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