Tim FitzHigham (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Tim FitzHigham

Irrepressible, energetic and nutty self portraits

Tim FitzHigham is a sparkling 5 star performer. With many aquatic capers under his belt, the Ark at the Pleasance, is indeed the perfectly conceived venue for his non stop, irrepressible, energetic and nutty self portraits that form the core of his show. And the stories are true; even Wikipedia mentions them along with the string of smart initials after his name and awards he has received.

FitzHigham has a significant repeat audience; based on his own question to us the majority of people had attended one of his shows before. He therefore must, we assume, be credited with a strong stream of new material.

But the material is sometimes weaker than the performer. It would be easy to imagine him creating an exceptional overall performance verbally sparring in a double act or with a bigger troupe; and he is also appearing in Flanders and Swann:AGNother GNew AfterGNoon. And though FitzHigham builds on his ‘Gentleman Adventurer ‘ tag there seemed to be more to develop in this character and he also at times veers towards alternative personas. It may be that he sees his one man shows as his laboratory.

He engages kindly with his audience and you can safely sit in the front row - he is after all a gentleman.

This funny, funny man is well worth seeing.

Tim FitzHigham: Gentleman Adventurer

  • 3 stars

The true spirit of the Fringe, multi-award-winning, Perrier nominated comedian, author, explorer and occasional film star, the very modest, Tim FitzHigham, is back, this time in the festival's most incredible venue. Co-host of late night mayhem 'Maxwell's Fullmooners', come, see the amazing brand new show from this…