Chris Corcoran (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Chris Corcoran

Corcoran makes his people sound rather lovely

It’s not surprising that this young Welsh stand-up should have such a winning stage presence, given he was previously a kids entertainer on CBeebies. His second Fringe show (after a 2004 debut with Welsh Assembly) follows an illuminating tour of his home country, and is largely about what it means to be Welsh. Old clichés – sheep-shagging - are replaced with new - binge drinking in the valleys – but somehow Corcoran makes his people sound rather lovely.

Le Monde, 270 3914, until 30 Aug, 6.45pm, £5.

Chris Corcoran - What Goes on Tour, Stays on Tour

  • 3 stars

After a sell-out tour of Wales, Rhod Gilbert's radio show co-host and the enthraller of kids (and mums!) on CBeebies' 'Doodle-Do', lifts the lid on life and hilariously plays with its contents. 'Chris Corcoran it is very safe to say definitely has that something special… hilarious' (South Wales Argus) 'Affectionate and…