Beta Males’ Picnic (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Beta Males’ Picnic

Preoccupation with death and sexual deviance

The Picnic’s preoccupation with death and sexual deviance has finally reached a logical conclusion: the extinction of the human race. Their post-apocalyptic sketch bunker houses mutant abominations, infanticidal robots and (naturally) a sinister conspiracy. Most of the jokes are as unabashedly evil as evil one-eyed villain Mr Fletcher; but, like him, they’re also the origin of much (maniacal) laughter.

Underbelly, 08445 458 252, until 29 Aug (not 17), 11.35pm, £9-£10.50 (£6.50-£9.50).

The Beta Males' Picnic in 'The Bunker'

  • 3 stars

Returning to Edinburgh, The Beta Males' Picnic present an entirely post-apocalyptic sketch show. Venture into the bowels of the Underbelly and take your place in 'The Bunker'; humanity's last refuge after a worldwide cataclysm. Experience a terrifyingly mutated future chock full of mad scientists, dystopian dictatorships…