Inside features live score from 65daysofstatic (4 stars)

This article is from 2010

Inside features live score from 65daysofstatic

Dance: not just for girls, okay?

Hefty, stark and at times brutally visceral, Inside, the new work by boy wonder Jean Abreu, is macho dance, its choreography built around lines of masculinity and inspired by prison movies. There are no tutus, no extraneous flounces, and, with a live soundtrack provided by industrial post-rockers 65daysofstatic at face-blasting volume, I wouldn’t look at its’ girlfriend funny.

Light filters shiftily in-between the bars of Alan MacDonald’s gorgeous, austere set as the five, workwear-clad bodies on stage flick from the chain gang-hobbled conformity of yard drills, through power struggles with no real hierarchy, to the glittering knife-edge of violence.

Abreu has created real beauty out of the boredom and frustration of incarceration (a sequence where the dancers ripple at each others’ pacing feet, quite literally shadowing their partners, is breathtaking), and the pounding score, its drums shattering the air like machine-gun fire or cushioning a tender suicide, means you feel it through your body.

Zoo Roxy, 662 6892, until 14 Aug, 6.25pm, £12.


Fiercely evocative, highly-charged physical dance-theatre featuring five outstanding male dancers and choreography by Jerwood Award-winner Jean Abreu. 'One of the UK’s most closely watched talents' (Guardian). Abreu explores violence, incarceration, solitude and hope within the prison walls revealing the thoughts and…