Pros from Dover (3 stars)

This article is from 2010

Pros from Dover

Sketch comedy from accomplished trio inject form with inovation

Critical reaction to sketch groups is an all-too predictable business. ‘Hit and miss’ comes the cry from the press box. So, when the likes of Pros from Dover come along and attempt to inject the form with a bit of curveball innovation, that should be enough to have them rightly trumpeted. The fact that they also go on and wheel out a procession of excellent sketches makes them all the more vital.

So, rather than just jog on stage and crack on with their broken bits about a depressed chicken, a police interrogation being conducted via parlour games and the story behind the invention and subsequent corruption of the word ‘and’, the crew discuss the mechanics of their art and how the hour will pan out. Still, you suspect that there’s nothing here that will linger as long in the memory as Phil Whelans’ stirring performance during their superb 2008 Fringe debut as a brain-damaged supermodel. But even that show was a mixed bag. Damn!

The GRV, 226 0000, until 29 Aug, 3.20pm, £5.

Pros from Dover II

  • 3 stars

Attention. I am Pros from Dover - three men talking like a single conscious entity - like the Borg off 'Star Trek'. In Edinburgh 2008, they said... ★★★★ 'A riot of innovative sketching... wildly hysterical' (List). ★★★★★ 'Fresh, brilliant, and exciting' (National Student). ★★★★ 'They tear apart the idea that good sketch…